Header image for website landing page of contemporary artist Piers Bishop

Piers is interested in the world and how it works but approaches it from a unique angle. Rather than simply observe the environment directly and sketch what he sees around him, Piers delves into the underlying substrates of maths and science. He then visualizes that to show us what the world is made of and how it is constructed and/or sometimes how it can be deconstructed. Subversive elements may at times also be found within the work.

Painting, drawing or digital media make up most of the body of work but sometimes multimedia or cross-media techniques are used.  There have also some explorations into sculpture and photography but most current work is in the form of painting or imagery created on computers. Artwork is usually abstract though there are occasional figurative pieces as well.

If you want to see new work as it appears please visit and like Piers’ Facebook page or follow his Tumblr blog.