About Piers’ Art

paintpalletesmallMost of my recent work has been painting though my process almost always involves digital imagery in the early stages. The computer and the camera are in my mind as important as the sketch book.

My way of working is very flexible, if a digital image is sufficient to say what I want then it will be the end product. Some of my series will contain nothing else. Others like Technology have painting drawing and digital images all linked to one another.

In each the link between the ideas and inspiration behind the work is more important than lumping together works related by the media they are constructed in. For example I created a tryptych called Journey as a gallery instalation. It consists of a video, a series of prints and a website which is offered to visitors as on a computer mounted on a plinth. L-System Fragments however after some early digital “sketches” have so far manifested themselves simply as paintings.

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