The Journey Triptych

Journey was conceived as a gallery installation. It consists of a website, a fantasy animation and a set of fine art prints. These are all based on a short walk to a Morecambe beach.


beach“Journey” was originally conceived as a digital triptych, the three parts being a website, a fantasy animation and a set of prints. It was intended to immerse the gallery visitor in the visual experiences of local walk from my front door to the sea. The installation when set up in a gallery has a computer with access to the website placed close to a large projected animation. Alongside the computer is a book of prints.


animationstillOften whilst on the beach I stare at the rocks taking in the complex patterns and textures. My mind wanders into the holes loosing my imagination on the world that might exist within those spaces. The fantasy animation is high definition and designed to be projected onto a very large screen or wall filling the viewer’s field of vision. It begins very slowly to entrance the viewer and draw them gently into another place.


journey3webOriginally a book of fine art prints was placed near the computer. They are derived from photographs taken along the way. They have been extensively worked on to enhance the rainbow of colours that were hidden and muted withing the original images. Any user of the website can make a virtual pass right by the places where they were snapped. I have always thought these prints have enough integrity be considered as individual works in their own right and they can be bought directly from me.