Technical Details and the Power of Rust by Piers Bishop I have an eclectic range of interests so my work isn’t limited to a single ongoing strand. This does not stop me being thorough in my research or commitment, but it does mean I may change tracks suddenly returning later to something that has been on pause.

Despite the diversity there are connective strands that permeate my work. I am interested in the apparently perverse dysfunction of reality and the deconstruction and reconstruction of the world around me. This manifests itself in a fascination with science, maths and nature.

Truth is not the only goal, I also find delight in the way the universe lies to us, not only with illusion but also with the paradoxes and inconsistencies it regularly presents. The reactions and coping strategies our species displays in response are also of interest particularly when they become mystical.

I enjoy working with different media and will quite happily focus on one or mix several into a single piece of work. I am willing to use any media to try and make sense of my subject, however my work is most commonly expressed in painting, drawing, digital media, or some combination of these methods.