Buy Memories and Virtual Light

Ripples 01 a digital image by Piers Bishop All the currently completed Experiments In Virtual Light including Memories of a Brutal Past will be available to own and hang on your wall. The can be purchased between 1st July and 27th August during the Cross Street Arts show at the Atkinson Gallery in Southport.

Each of the prints is a unique edition of one and is simply signed without any numbering. While other digital copies exist for website and promotional use, the uniqueness of the original is protected because the copies are of much lower resolution than the original files from which the prints were made. Most images are approx 7″ x 5″ though a few are 6″ x 4″. All images are mounted and framed.

Affordable Art: – Original artwork can be extremely expensive however I am able to offer these at an affordable price so you can have a unique work of art in your home for just £45.

To find out where my work can be seen live follow my Facebook page for up to date information on work in progress and upcoming exhibitions